Available Positions


  • Responsible for a group of 12-16 children on a daily basispicture18
  • Work as a team with your co-counselor
  • Ensure camper’s safety and manage camper’s behavior
  • Act as a role model for campers
  • Make activities magical for all campers

Counselors must be 16 years old. Being a camp counselor is a wonderful job for a resume as it shows that you are able to work as a team and have previous experience working with children.

Group Leader:

  • Supervise and provide support to as many as 8 staff members
  • Teach younger staff to foster positive youth development
  • Work closely with parents and families
  • Model program participation and appropriate interaction with children

This position allows you to enhance your leadership skills and build your resume. Typically, Group Leaders have experience or an interest in teaching, psychology, or child development. Group Leaders should be at least 20 years old and have prior experience at Action Kids.

Artistic Program Leader:picture22

  • Guide campers age 4-10 through arts and crafts projects
  • Develop the arts curriculum
  • Implement activities daily
  • Encourage campers to participate in activity

Ideally, the Arts Program Leader is a person with an artistic background and is working toward an undergraduate degree in an arts related field. The Artistic Program Leader should be at least 20 years old, have a passion for creativity, and love sharing that passion with kids.

Athletic Program Leader:

  • Facilitate structured game time for campers age 4-10
  • Modify activities based on age and ability level
  • Engage all campers in the activity

The Athletic Program Leader is ideally someone who played a high school or college level sport. There will likely be an opportunity for you to engage campers in your specialty sport. However,  you  will be required to lead  activities such as ultimate Frisbee, 9 Square, Gaga, and other field games. The Athletic Program Director should  be 19 years old. 

LiT Counselor:picture27

  • Plan, lead, and implement programs for campers entering grades 6-8
  • Supervise and monitor LiT assigned group time
  • Encourage emotional growth and positive character development in all LiT campers
  • Serve as a role model for pre-teen campers

The LiT Counselor must have experience working with or a genuine desire to work with middle school aged campers. This person should preferably have knowledge of pre and early adolescent developmental needs, strong communication skills, tolerance, and patience. The LiT Counselor should be 20 years old.