Extended Care Times and Prices

We offer extended care for our campers. Extended care must be pre-arranged.  Please speak to the main office to arrange all extended care.

Action Kids
(Yellow Stars, Red Racers, White Wave, Silver Storm, Green Machine, and Blue Blazers)
We offer a flexible approach to your extended care needs;  Offering Early Care at 7:15 and Late Care until 5:30 pm  and Extended Late Care until 6:00 daily.
Please note that After Care has two time blocks.  We are open

Early Care: Drop off begins at 7:15am
Late Care: Pickup after 4:30 but before 5:30pm
Extended Late Care: Pick up by 6:00 pm

Early Care:            $8 per day          $35 per week
Late Care:             $8 per day          $35 per week
Extended Late Care: $14 per day          $60 per week
Early Care and Late Care (Drop off at 7:15am; pick up at 5:30pm):  $14 per day      $60 per week
Early Care and Extended Late Care (Drop off at 7:15am; pick up by 6:00pm ):  $20 per day    $75 per week

LIT and Jr. Counselor
Please discuss any extended care needs with the front office or Marie Doucette (Camp Director)