Qualities of Summer Staff

Being Intentional– We have all heard of the “magic” of summer camp. But that is only part of the story, more importantlypicture13 there is the intentionality of camp. It is more than just letting our camp days happen. It is knowing and imagining what we want from our campers, fellow staff, and ourselves. Camp provides a safe haven for working through real life situations, resolving conflict, making choices, and interacting with others all with a positive outcome.

Life is full of Choice– We must realize that everything we do is intentional and each and every one of our decisions has a consequence. All of our life is a choosing. We can choose to ignore a camper’s unacceptable behavior and chances are it will persist or we can choose to counsel the child in an effort for them to understand and correct their behavior.

Dedicated– When things get tough do you give up? Do you take the easy route? Camp is a place where we need to go back to the drawing board and figure out why it’s not working. What we need to do to mold our campers into a positively motivated team, that respect and listen to each other.

picture15Fun– Fun and smiles is what makes the world a happier place. No matter how difficult a day might be a smile seems to make it better. Share a smile and brighten someone’s day. FUN begins as an attitude and becomes a way of life. There is nothing more rewarding than a happy child.

Caring– When you look into a camper’s face can you remember your days as a kid? Can you remember how that special someone listened to what you had to say, how they made you feel important? Can you do the same? Can you do it everyday for 10 weeks?

Counseling– That’s more than just the title of your job, it’s really what your position is at camp. It’s not yelling, ordering, demanding or punishing. It’s taking time to listen o a child then helping them look at the options and pick the best option open to him or her. This takes time and energy and is much harder than just saying do this, but that’s what counseling is about.